Well, let’s start with what coaching is not. Coaching is not counseling. While both Wellness Coaches and Mental Health Counselors help people live more healthier lives, they also differ greatly.  

Coaches mostly work with the conscious mind. Counselors mostly work with the unconscious mind. Wellness Coaching focuses primarily on future-oriented goal setting to improve overall well-being as well to resolve personal and professional barriers to growth. Coaches don’t require a certification or licensure, but are rather vetted through their professional skills and experience.

Mental Health Counselors on the other hand are licensed professionals that are trained to support individuals by treating mental health concerns, which may include diagnosing and treating concerns that may be impacting overall level of functioning in relational, occupational, social, cognitive, and emotional domains.

The Daring Well coaching model integrates a holistic and transformation oriented approach with evidenced-based research in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral coaching, choice theory/reality therapy, integrative mental health (food & mood connection), and mindfulness based practices to promote wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

We at Daring Well have coaches and seek coaches who have licensing and experience in both disciplines: coaching and psychotherapy (counseling). Having that broad experience and deep training knowledge allows us to help you understand and explore barriers, master your goals, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and relationship skills, that hold you back from being your most authentic and healthy self.