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Transform Your Life with Self-Care Affirmations: A Guided Meditation Journey

This guided meditation is designed to empower you to embrace your true self, and live more fully, and freely, as your most, authentic self.

Let's dive into the empowering realm of self-care affirmations through a guided meditation. Discover how these affirmations can nurture your mindset, uplift your spirits, and lead you towards embracing your authentic self.

Meditation Preparation

Prepare for the meditation by finding a quiet, comfortable space where you can relax. Whether seated or lying down, close your eyes or keep them open as you tune into your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Relax in a peaceful environment
  • Focus on your breath to ground yourself
  • Take deep, mindful breaths to center your awareness

Breathing Techniques

Throughout this guided meditation, I want to encourage you to focus on your breath. When you find your mind wondering, just gently ground yourself back to this present moment, using your breath as your anchor.

To get started, let’s just take a deep breath in, hold it for a moment, then a nice strong exhale. As you’re exhaling, notice the release. Give yourself permission to tune into this moment, letting go of any stress or worries. Feel the breath flow through your lips.

Affirmations for Self-Care

If you’re ready, let’s bring our attention to this present moment, and allow our thoughts to focus on the self-care affirmations that we’re going to go over today.

As I share each affirmation, I want you to notice the power of speaking the truth of these words. I want you to let each word saturate your spirit, your heart, your mind, and your body. If you feel comfortable, you’re welcome to repeat these words of affirmation out loud.

Let’s lean to feel inspired, empowered, and uplifted…

  1. I trust that better days are up ahead, and I embrace this hope with every breath.
  2. I trust the process of growth as I embrace my journey, knowing that every step I take leads me closer to my purpose.
  3. I am excited about the future and I believe in the synergy of new beginnings.
  4. I am surrounded by love, I radiate love, and I flow in the abundance of love.
  5. I honor myself, my voice and, and my authenticity.
  6. My worth is not determined by people, things, or what I do, but by the love I have for myself, because who I am is enough.
  7. Hope whispers to me in moments of doubt and insecurity, reminding me of the endless beauty in front of me.
  8. Faith is my anchor, grounding me in the truth that I am exactly where I need to be, right now, in this moment.
  9. I prioritize self-care and make time to nurture my mind, body, and spirit.
  10. Today, I choose to honor myself, my journey, and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

End of Meditation

Conclude the meditation by taking a couple of deep breaths to internalize the affirmations:

  • Reset and welcome the truth of self-care affirmations
  • Incorporate these affirmations into your daily routine
  • Prioritize self-care as an act of self-love
  • Embrace worthiness, capability, and self-love

Thank you for joining me on this journey of self-love and self-care with this guided meditation.

Until next time, keep living, loving, and daring well!

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Sherrita "Rita" Mercer, MA, LPCC-S, CTRTC, CCTP, CGCS, CIMHP
Holistic Wellness Coach & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Hi, I'm Rita! I am so excited to support you on your wellness journey!   As a Wellness Coach, I offer a holistic approach to support growth through mindset coaching, stress management, mindfulness, coping skills, & mind and body practices. My expertise incorporates nearly a decade in the field of Mental Health & Holistic Wellness and over two decades in Business & Organizational Leadership and Human Resources. The Daring Well coaching model integrates the combined overflow of nearly a decade of certifications/trainings, education, and evidenced-based research to promote wellness in mind, body, and spirit. If you're ready to grow, shift your mindset, find clarity with your life direction and goals, while building a life you love, I am ready to lead the way. Join me on a journey to discover your true self with self-love and unapologetic confidence.